Stephen Bosch


What are my key performance indicators?


My strategy is to encourage action with tangible output without thinking about quality just yet. What key indicators might represent this?

  • Words written
  • Time spent in an editor

I do all my writing in simple text files, most of which are saved in a common directory tree, so writing a script to measure word count differentials and generate automatic daily reports should be a trivial matter. For now, I’m not going to worry about how much of what I write is transcribed or copied, just to keep things simple. (I don’t feel like I do a lot of copying or transcribing right now anyway.)

Some months ago I set up an activity monitor on my computer (arbtt) which produces nice tables like this:

A table of arbtt statistics showing the time spent in each application in hours, minutes and seconds.

My plan is to automate regular report generation, perhaps produce a nice table and some graphs, just for informational purposes and to flex my programming muscle a little. I can then use the product as a work sample. (This is an example of leverage in action.)

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