Stephen Bosch

What this blog is for.

Before you sacrifice your precious time to read what I have to write (and I really do respect your time), you should know why I am doing this.

My current goals are to

  1. Create something you find valuable,
  2. Find my people,
  3. Build a values-driven B2B business, and
  4. Explore ideas through writing and test them in the harsh light of public attention.

If there’s a theme running through my thinking it’s “how can we all make a living without leaving the world in worse shape than it was when we entered it?”

You might be thinking, “does he have any idea what he’s doing?” I guess my answer is, “probably not.” What I can say with certainty is that it is my attempt at finding the truth, or at least getting closer to it. The idea behind the blog is to develop a writing routine, publish often and listen to feedback. To use it as a discovery tool.

What I don’t want to do is turn it into yet another personal development/productivity blog, but that may be just a stubborn conceit of mine. What if that’s what you want and you like what I have to say about it? The whole evidence-based thinking idea means listening to what reality is telling me/you/us. But the only way to find out is to write about these things and see what you think. So please send me your feedback by writing me an e-mail. Your messages go straight into my inbox.

An honest word on making a living

Most of what I write here will remain free. But having said all that, this is one of the ways I make my living, so occasionally, there will be paid offers. But whatever I offer you will be something I produced or sourced myself, and always with the intent of creating something that will be of value to you. Your trust is sacred, so I don’t do affiliate marketing, because I never want you to wonder whether I have an ulterior motive when I read and review something.